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Jim McCarthy

Financial Advisor, WMS

There are UT fans, and then there are UT fanatics. The latter is how Jim would describe himself since graduating from UT.  Shortly thereafter, Jim started his career in the financial industry and soon found his passion for helping clients with their investment management decisions.  As a Wealth Management Specialist® (WMS), Jim focuses on providing professionally managed equities, fixed income, and alternative investment solutions to his high-net-worth families.  He brings a vast amount of experience with over 50+ years of his career.  Jim’s ability to communicate his keen investment perspective built on decades of experience is a rare benefit to his clients and Clarus.

Since 2017, Jim has partnered with The Clarus Group to pair his expertise in investment management with their unique financial planning process to help bring clarity to the many personal, business, and financial complexities his clients face as their lives unfold.

Jim's passion for the outdoors finds him always looking for his next adventure.  When not in the office, Jim enjoys spending time with his family and teaching his grandsons how to hunt and fish, all while wearing burnt orange in support of his Texas Longhorns.

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