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Our Process for Wealth Management
The C6 Framework


Personal Planning


Working through our process helps to uncover goals and inefficiencies amid the complexity of your financial life. Once identified and prioritized, we act as your personal financial quarterback to implement specific solutions over time while collaborating with your accountant, lawyer and other professionals to help ensure we are all on the same page and working towards the same goal—your financial success.

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Tax Planning

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Our process often helps to identify potential inefficiencies within your tax planning. Working in coordination with your other advisors and tax professionals, we strive to mitigate your tax liability – whether it be income tax, capital gains tax, business structure or estate tax.


Capital Management


We want to ensure you have enough money to fund your lifestyle. Cash flow analysis, budget planning and real time net worth tracking, coupled with a process that helps you understand the impact of spending decisions provides you with continued confidence while reaching your goals.


Risk Mitigation


You are concerned about protecting your personal wealth and/or business against catastrophic loss, potential creditors, litigants and identity thieves. Our process highlights potential issues and needs which should be addressed and allows us to advise you on implementing a risk mitigation plan.

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Investment Consulting

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Knowing what you own and why is paramount to successful investment planning. Our customized and transparent investment process aligns with your unique circumstances and goals while tracking progress and bringing clarity to your investment management.


Legacy Planning


You want to identify the most efficient way to transfer wealth to a spouse and/or your next generation. We will make that process easy and seamless. Whether you have your estate planning team or need one built for you, our process helps ensure your legal documents and asset titling are in-line with your intents and wishes so the wealth you have worked so hard to build transfers the way you desire.

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