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Daphne Matthews

Operations Specialist

Daphne has been a member of the team since 2004 and works as the Operations Specialist for Clarus’ Winnie, Texas office. She has been in the financial services business for over 20 years, and her tenured experience makes her an invaluable team member. Beyond operational duties, she works closely with the team and serves as the first point of contact with clients. Her outgoing personality and bubbly attitude make her a client favorite as she helps ensure a wonderful client experience.

Outside of the office, Daphne is highly involved in the Winnie community, actively volunteering with the St. Louis Catholic Church, serving as a board member for the Winnie Area Chamber of Commerce, and as a member on the East Chambers ISD Education Foundation Drawdown Committee. Additionally, she serves on the East Chamber Ace Advisory Council and the East Chamber District Advisory Team. Outside of her various community responsibilities, Daphne enjoys spending time with her husband, Rip, and their two children, Justin and Shaina.

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