Does your investment plan align clearly with your financial plan?

Through three decades of working with clients, we realized there were two main causes of poor investment results. A combination of internal bias and a lack of process surrounding clients’ investment management can cause dissatisfaction with your investment planning. 

The first step with regards to investment planning is determining your unique goals for your investing dollars while diving deeply into what is a best-fit scenario. Our clients’ objectives vary and include absolute return, capital preservation, income generation, tax minimization, cash management or often a combination of all the above depending on particular goals. The key second step is building an investment plan rooted in a repeatable and consistent process, giving you clarity around your investment management.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

                                     - Anonymous

Our investment committee has over 100 years of industry experience. Taking a fiduciary stance, we have no hidden agenda and our advice is unbiased and conflict-free. Consistent with this is our open fee disclosure and constant due diligence for the best risk-adjusted returns.

After deployment, your investment models are reviewed daily to insure we stay on top of ever- changing markets. Through our regular plan reviews we continue to monitor and review your investment plan to insure it continues to align with your unique and varied goals.