Clarus Wealth Group specializes in the wealth management needs of entrepreneurs and business owners. We know that your business represents real money and opportunity  in most cases, your largest investment, and that you desire for this investment to grow in value for the security of your financial future and legacy.  We also understand that it takes more than just desire and hard work for a business to grow and succeed, and it can be difficult to know where to spend your time, energy and focus.  Our Business Advisory Framework helps you evaluate decisions throughout the business life cycle — from launching a new startup to planning your exit — and develop a strategy to maximize the value of both your business and your financial future.


Do you know how much your business is worth?

Your business's valuation is an essential part of your financial reality, representing 80% of most owner’s wealth.  A clear understanding of your business’s value in the market is the backbone to many strategy decisions whether your short-term plan is to create sustainable growth, strengthen existing operations, or prepare to sell.



How do you prioritize your time to add business value?

The value of your business is driven by the business's operational health across 18 major value drivers.  We tie each driver back to the specific value-add to your business, so you can prioritize your time for maximizing value growth and creating sustainable operations.



How much value are you losing due to operation and market weaknesses?


The Valuation Gap in your business is the difference between its current value and potential value.  Its potential value is what it could be worth if it operated "best in class" across the 18 value drivers and is equal to the value lost due to operation and market weaknesses.  We help to shrink this Valuation Gap by identifying weak areas of your business and creating an actionable strategy to turn these areas into strengths.


Which area of your business should be prioritized to maximize its value?

Once we discover the Operational Health and Valuation Gap of the business, a Deep Dive Analysis helps to give clarity to the specific weaknesses inside each area of the business.  This type of review provides the granular details necessary to get to the root of the issue and create an actionable strategy that can be implemented effectively versus a one-size-fits-all approach.  




Understanding the business value lost due to weaknesses is helpful but does not create meaningful change.  We help you create an Action Strategy based on specifics to your business uncovered during the Deep Dive Analysis.  These actions are prioritized based on value add to the business and ease of implementation so you know where to spend your time and energy more effectively.    

Are you implementing industry best practices?


How often do you apply a critical eye and identify areas for improvement?

We help you stay engaged with the changes you implement in your business by continually evaluating the Operational Health, Valuation Gap, and Action Strategy and tracking the business value these changes add over time. With this process, your business will continue to become more efficient and prepared for your short and long-term goals.